Orbital Shaker WL-972S

Orbital Shaker WL-972S


This equipment is designed for shaking biological or chemical substances in test-tube placed in holders. Due to a small amplitude and a high frequency of shaking during the shaking process a characteristic whirl made of liquid rises the suspension from the bottom of a test-tube. The control system provides a smooth regulation of shaking frequency, which can be changed during the work of the device. The platform provides an orbital motion. The device is designed for continuous work in ambient temperature from 4C to 40C.

Technical data

230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

30 VA

Platform movement

horizontal, orbital

Smoof frequency regulation

300 - 1200 rpm

Modes of work

- continuous
- preselected up to 15 min

Maximum load

1,5 kg

Platform dimensions (lenght x widht)

280 x 250 mm

Ambient temperature

4C to 40C

Overall dimensions (lenght x width x height)

280 x 250 x 180 mm


6,5 kg

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