Orbital Shaker WL-972

Orbital Shaker WL-972


This equipment is designed for shaking biological or chemical substances in flasks, beakers, trays, and test - tubes as well as plates and slides. It is used for Wassemann reaction tests, latex tests, cultivation of bacteria, yeast, immunological i biochemical reactions and other processes requiring continuous shaking. The device is designed for continuous work in ambient temperature from 4C to 40C. The control system provides a smooth regulation of the shaking frequency, which can be changed during the work of the device. The platform provides an orbital motion. It is covered with an anti - slip, corrugated rubber which prevents vessels from moving.

Technical data

230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

30 VA

Platform movement

horizontal, orbital

Smooth frequency regulation

30 - 300 rpm

Modes of work

- continuous
- preselected up to 15 min

Maximum load

1,5 kg

Platform dimension (lenght x widht)

410 x 280 mm

Ambient temperature

4C to 40C

Overall dimensions (lenght x widht x height)

410 x 280 x 310 mm


6,5 kg

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