Orbital Shaker WL-2000
Special version:
Orbital Shaker WL-2000


This equipment is designed for shaking biological or chemical substances in flasks, trays or beakers. The smooth regulation of the shaking frequency and the regulation of the transverse shaking amplitude guarantees, during the continuous work, the selection of the most favourable shaking conditions. According to the needs the platform can provide three kinds of motion: reciprocating, elliptical and orbital. All the parameters can be preselected also during the work of the device. The shaker can be equipped with a standard platform or a platform made at the client's request. The device is designed for continuous work in ambient temperature from 4C to 40C.

Technical data
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 90 VA
Platform movements Adjustable: reciprocating, elliptical and orbital
Longitudinal amplitude 20 mm
Transvers amplitude Adjustable 0 - 20 mm
Maximum load 6 kg
Modes of work - continuous
- preselected up to 15 min
Platform dimensions (lenght x width) 660 x 500 mm
Overall dimensions (lenght x width x height)

663 x 540 x 310 mm

Ambient temperature

4C to 40C


20 kg

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