UV Box SKL-2001
UV Box SKL-2001


Owing to the closed housing and lack of the exchange of air with the environment as well as sterilizing UV lamps the box provides a threefold protection of the examined substance against physical and microbiological pollution and against contamination by other DNA.The UV sterilization before as well as after the finished work remove microorganisms and fragments the ones remaining within the DNA making working space able to participate in any further biological reactions. The UV Box can also be used for sterilization and storage of tools and devices such as thermocyclers or pipettes used for carrying out reactions with DNA.


The inside of box is made from acid-proof steel and the working space is covered with an easily washable plate, resistant to chemical factors.

Technical data SKL 2001/A SKL 2001/B
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 50 W
Numer of UV/power/Wave length 2 / 15 W / 254 nm
Lighting of the working space 1 fluorescent lamp 15 W 2 fluorescent lamps 15 W
Preselection of sterilisation time max. 99 h

750 x 650 x 600 mm

750 x 650 x 750 mm




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