Laboratory Shaker OKAP

Shaker OKAP


This equipment is differs from the Rocking Platform KL-942 in its construction of the platform, which makes it possible to use bigger vessels, such as trays. It has been designed for performing tests on animal serum by acidic tubular agglutination in order to diagnose brucellosis and other diseases e.g. pullorum, mycoplasmosis. The device makes it possible to use simultaneous from 1 to 5 antigens, testing 10 samples on each of the platforms. It provides a rocking 'see-saw' motion. There is a possibility of regulating its shaking frequency and amplitude.

Technical data
230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption
20 VA
Smooth shaking angle regulation
-1< P > +1   to   -10 < P > +10
Smooth shaking frequency regulation
2 - 60 cpm
Mode of works
 - continuous
 - instant
 - preselected up to 15 min
Maximum load
1,5 kg
Platform dimensions (lengh x widht)
285 x 285 mm
Overall dimensions (lengh x widht x height)
285 x 285 x 150 mm
Ambient temperature
4C to 40C
4,5 kg

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