Ma³ej £±ki Str. 15/21
02-793 Warszawa, Poland

Tel.: +48 22 649 13 96
Fax: +48 22 649 13 96

Person firm driven:
Jacek Wo¼nicki

Persons for contact with clients:
Jolanta Wo¼nicka


Regional representatives:


Piotr Dukowski
Tel.: +48 81 534 52 30

Zielona Góra

Marek Szperkowski
Tel.: (0601) 77-34-90

Profile of activity:
Production and service of laboratory equipment.

About firm
Firm our, skilled having at disposal highly and engineering staff expertand and it offers state richly furnished technical back equipment of laboratory personal production and it repair wide gamut of favor (services) concerning, modernization and reviews of preservation medical equipment and laboratory national (local) and foreign.

Productive offer:
    Equipment for blending:
  • micro shakers (1 test tube, titration plate or container on small test tube
  • rocking shaker
  • stirrer for serology test
  • laboratory shakers (horizontal, lifting 1,5 to 6 kg)
    Equipment for incubation:
  • dry block heaters (digital panel, changable input for standard test tubes or according to order)
  • cold block (input for standard test tubes or according to order)

Maitenance and services:
  • servicing and modernization of all types shakers and shaking water baths
  • servicing of laboratory centrifuges
  • servicing and modernization of freeze - dryers
  • servicing and modernization of ultra low freezers
  • servicing of all models climatic chambers
  • servicing and modernization of cooling and vacuum equipment

Our services include also:
  • constructing free-standing incubator-boxes
  • constructing free-standing cooling chambers
  • adaptation of rooms for incubator - rooms or cold storage

We guarantee:
  • high quality of the performanted services
  • one year warranty for the services
  • free transport and launching of the devices in Poland